Meet Pastor Isaac Libese Silingi who we affectionately refer to as just simply Pastor Isaac. Pastor Isaac has truly been a God send to the Gabriel’s Promise Program and we could not do it without his help and support. He is an ordained Pastor and has completed pastoral training and truly has a heart for helping the less fortunate of Kitale, Kenya.

Pastor Isaac’s role as our Program Manager on the ground in Kitale, Kenya is that of accountability for the children and the schools and also he helps us to know and understand the needs of the children from a physical, emotional and spiritual standpoint. One very important function he is responsible for is helping us to establish a budget for the children each semester and over their summer & winter breaks as well as sending copies of all their report cards each semester.

Pastor Isaac also stands in, in situations where a parent would normally be there for a child. This would be for such things as parent teacher conferences, taking the children to see the doctor when they are sick, holding them accountable for maintaining good grades and citizenship, and encouraging them in their walk with Christ.

A good anecdotal story to help you understand the heart of Pastor Isaac is the time he sold several of his goats to pay for medical bills when one of the children in our program was sick. We never knew anything about this, only finding out when one of the Adera Foundation employees traveled to Kitale, Kenya to check on the program months later. That employee advised us of what he had done and the considerable financial loss he sustained selling the goats to pay the medical bills. When we learned of this we sent money to reimburse him for his goats and a tithe rewarding him for his faithfulness and have since included medical cost as part of our budget.

This is Pastor Isaac, our man on the ground in Kitale, Kenya!

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